Plasteel Top

The reliability of machinery made in Italy.

A robust, reliable and high performance machine, with:

  • High definition hypertherm HPR 130-260-400-800 xd generator
  • Automatic height control to maintain constant cutting torch height
  • Laser pointer sheet metal alignment system
  • Numerical D.Electron axis control system
  • Base formed by modular longitudinal beams with and integrated suction system
  • Reticular steel carriage to house the axis motors and plasma torch device
  • Extremely high cutting speed
  • Rack and pinion axis movement using dual prismatic guides and ball bearing rollers
  • Anti-collision torch system for torch contact even with extremely oxidized sheet metal through the use of micrometre sensors
  • Motorized adjustable exhaust system
  • Dedicated cam software developed by our technicians

Machine designed and built to withstand heavy workloads. Excellent for heavy metalworking