Base frame (machine bed)
Unique design, accords with engineering mechanics design, plays a role of shock and vibration prevention. The base frame of the machine is made with 25-30 mm thick sheets with over 10 technological processes, such as cutting, bending and automatic welding, etc.
Each frame is annealed at 650 °C for 12 hours, to increase the hardness and eliminate the stress of the material).
The lower part of the frame is made with a “W” structure, while the two sides of the frame have been associated with a cross shape.

Palett changing
The pallet change system we supply is CLIMPING with an international exclusive patent.
The advantage of the CLIMBING pallet changer is that the two pallets always maintain the same height after the change, what represents the distance between the cutting head and each pallet always remains the same, so it is not necessary to adjust the position of the head cut, which can guarantee high cutting precision.
The pallet change speed is high for the work area 3015, about 12-15 seconds, greatly improving the work activity.

Precision and alignment test
With sophisticated equipment and software, tests are carried out on each test machine to verify the linearity and precision of the guides to obtain high positioning accuracy with a tolerance of 0.02 mm over the entire length.

Made of aeronautical extruded aluminium, the thickness of the side protection plate is up to 28 mm. Aeronautical grade extruded aluminium has many advantages, such as good toughness, lightness, corrosion resistance, low density, greatly improved cutting speed. Larger and more dimensioned on the market.

ESA + Industry 4.0 CNC
In addition to a simplified, integrated programming, we provide the complete connection to the Industry 4.0 System that allows the workflow to be reproduced in a virtual way, therefore before physically learning in the workshop, to verify the behaviour in the abstract and enhance the performance so that the user can approve in the correct way without waste and at the lowest possible cost.