After spending years working for leading companies in the production, trade and assistance of sheet metal working machines, Mr. Elvio Pavanello has the idea of ​​creating his own company.

A great experience, an immense passion and a deep knowledge of machine tools are the foundations on which PAV.EL STEEL S.R.L was born in 2009.

Finding a team of qualified and professional people was the second and natural step to reach the maximum result and become an excellence in cutting systems in Italy. PAV.EL STEEL S.R.L. follows the customer in all respects, starting from the choice, through the purchase of the most appropriate machine tool, up to the phase following the sale (for assistance, maintenance and supply of spare parts).

We produce machines with excellent cutting quality, always attentive to the latest generation technologies for better performance. Our PLASTEEL plasma machine was presented for the first time in May 2010. Since then, great satisfactions have come from customers who appreciate its strength and reliability, as well as the possibility of inserting any extensions or additions.

We have recently acquired the Red Hpm Know How, continuing to assist their customers and to develop their projects, always through technological innovations, with the aim of pursuing the objectives of an important Italian company.